What surgery what you recommend to fix my face, teeth and jaw?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A.shutterstock_66281377

Q.  What surgery what you recommend to fix my face, teeth and jaw? I have been interested in surgery for a while now and curious to what surgeries that would help my face look better, example my jaw, chin, nose and teeth? A.  ​Thanks for sharing your photos. You appear young and pretty with teeth and possible jaw and bite irregularities. Please explore your community for a multi-talented, well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ENT Facial Surgeon or Oral MaxilloFacial Surgeon to review your “orthognathic” concerns, perform a proper examination and make his or her recommendations. A proper exam will include XRays or CT scan of the face to determine proper upper and lower jaw alignment, cheek and chin shape. It appears that your front teeth do not allow your jaw to fully close and this will also require the expertise of a orthodontist to work with your facial surgeon. Your facial surgeon will also address your nose, chin and cheeks regarding changes to shape with and without your surgical or non-surgical options. ​I wish you luck with this endeavor!
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