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Summer can be the Ideal time to recover from Cosmetic Surgery

While most people don’t think about having cosmetic surgery in the summer, there are a lot of good reasons to have your procedure in this time of year. From a commerce point of view, businesses tend to slow down in the summer, people are going on vacations and enjoying their summer on the beaches and soaking up the rays. People who desire surgery must consider the amount of down time they will need for recovery and what better time to take the needed time but while business is in its slowest periods. For people working in the education system, this is the prime time for elective plastic surgery, as the school system is at its minimum working levels. Recovery times will vary with the type of cosmetic procedures being performed. Recovery for Tummy Tucks, Breast Lifts, Thigh, Arm and Body Lifts When considering recovering times of cosmetic surgery, the tummy tuck requires the most amount of down time. Individuals must give themselves a minimum of 4 weeks in which no driving is allowed and the individual is bent over in a 45 degree angle for up to 4 weeks to not put pressure on the incision line. Longer recovery periods will be related needed whenever long incisions are involved in the cosmetic procedures. Such procedures include breast lifts and reductions, and thigh, arm and body lifts. Recovery for Face Lift Surgeries Facelifts are probably the next longest recovery in that most people don’t want to be seen with the swelling and bruising that accompanies most standard face and neck lifts. And it is hard to hide your face! Usually most patients take 2-3 weeks at home before they return to their social life and businesses. However, the actual time where people will look their best will 6 months to a year for the face to create its natural lifted appearance. Recovery for Eyelid Lifts, Liposuctions and Breast Lifts The opposite is true for upper eyelid lifts, liposuctions and breast augmentations. These cosmetic procedures generally take one week for recovery before people return to work. However, going back to regular exertion activities, additional weeks will be needed. But in general most patients feel pretty good to get back to work that are mostly desk positions and less strenuous in 1 weeks times. About Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Maryland Dr. Dean Kane, board certified plastic surgeon of over 27, has educated his patients on the needed recovery times for all his cosmetic procedures. Patients may not want to hear it, but being upfront and helping patients arrange their work schedules, children’s schedules and social lives have always been part of Dr. Kane’s consultations. He recognizes that patients don’t really expect elective cosmetic surgery to take as much time as medically needed surgeries. But in actuality sometimes, the cosmetic procedures take even longer, because they can be very extensive requiring extended recovery times. For more detailed description of recovery times of plastic surgery procedures visit www.DrDeanKane.com. It is always wise to plan ahead for your procedure and having a consultation several months in advance is advised. For making a consultation with Dr. Dean Kane, call their office at 410-602-3322.
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