Smooth Bikini’s by Summer at the Maryland Center of Cosmetic Surgery of Dr. Dean Kane

Women, now is the time to start getting ready for the beach. Thinking about a smooth body to wear that skimpy bikini? Laser hair removal must start now in these cold winter months. Laser hair removal requires a minimum of 5 treatments performed 6 weeks apart to permanently reduce hair growth in those unwanted places. Your hair must be dark for the laser hair removal treatments to be successful. Blond, light red and gray hair can not be detected by the lasers. Dr. Kane offers two types of lasers for people of all colors. If you are a person of color  (Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian), the Candela Yag is the appropriate laser where this limits any pigmentation problems during the laser hair removal process. For the light skinned or white person, the Candela GentleLase is best suited for ideal results.

Dr. Kane has you covered no matter your skin color with his special pricing of his laser hair removal packages that can be seen on He offers packages from 25% and 50% savings on select areas of the body. Call Dr. Kane’s office 410-0602-3322 to learn more and schedule your appointment.
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