Personal Experience of ZO Skin Health by Dr. Dean Kane’s Nurse at their Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa

There is a new product line that is blowing off of our shelves.  It is Dr. Obagi’s new line called ZO Skin Health.  Dr. Obagi has developed a pharmacuetical line that is similar to Obagi but LESS cost with greater effectiveness. You hear or rather read it right COST LESS. Then he has a new concept of using Retinol without Hydroquinone.  The idea is that you should only use Hydroquinone for five to six months at a time than rest, but there has never been a product that kept the skin turning over until now.  Brigthenex is it and it is potent. I am Dr. Dean Kane’s nurse within our Maryland Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa.  I thought well I have use Retin A aggressively how could this Brightenex touch me.  Boy, was I wrong my face turned red with some swelling. After adjusting to the Brightenex,  I use only one half pump two times a week like I was instructed and it does the trick.  Now after six weeks, I can use a full pump two times a week and also have slowly added in Retamax which is Dr. Obagi’s new Retinol product.

Not only do I love the line, I also love the two new ZO Facial treatments he has created that compliment his new ZO skin health line of products.  Deb, Dr. Kane’s esthetician, performed Dr. Obagi’s new enzyme treatment in which I got so many compliments on my skin.  It was glowing.

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