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Very personable, excellent care, high end skin care products, advanced antiaging enhancements. Dr. Dean and Lori Kane are passionate about antiaging treatment and offer the best practice in Baltimore!

I went to Dr. Kane for Microneedling PRP a.k.a. “Vampire Facelift”. The procedure took an hour and included a facial followup. During the procedure I got ProNox (for relief of pain and anxiety) which allowed me to increase the strength of the needling and with PRP (a must for microneedling), recovery was amazingly fast (minor discomfort during the night. I recommend sleeping next to a humidifier and requesting Obagi Post recovery cream along with the post op care box.

Note: In a previous experience with microneedling (non-PRP) at another dermatology practice, the pain lasted for days and recovery was very painful.

In comparison Dr. Kane offered deeper microneedling with ProNox and PRP to accelerate recovery for all around better results.