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I went to Dr. Kane’s office back in March 2019 for a consultation on cool sculpturing . The front desk was very friendly and I got taken in right away after filling out some paperwork . I met with Susan who would eventually do my cool sculpturing . She was a gem … explaining the procedure and answering any questions that I had . Never at any point rushing me . When I had the procedure done she was the same way and I also had Dr. Kane check in before and after the procedure asking if I had any questions or concerns . Three months later I’m writing this review with a follow up on the cool sculpturing . I got to see the before and after pictures … It made quite a difference in reduction of my belly fat and all that was promised was 20 to 25% …which it looks like I achieved… I am going for another round in July and hope to get the same reduction but never at any point was I pressured into doing so ….it was always on my terms and my decision . Dr. Kane came in again to check on the results and any concerns I might have .
I would have no hesitation in going to this office or having cool sculpturing/ procedure again.