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Linda B

I’ve not had surgery yet, but just the visits have been very productive. Both Dr. Kane and his wife sat and talked to me about what I needed. It wasn’t a forceful or rushed conversation and they put me at ease. I am 65 and feel I could look better. Amazing how your face and neck (as well as the rest of your body) can droop and drop. I still feel young and vibrant, so I should look the same way. Lisa was very friendly and helpful setting up pre-op for me. I look forward to my surgery date. This is an update…had the surgery. It went very well. I was met at the door by Mary Lou, was prepped for surgery, and Dr. Kane was ready. No waiting. I’m home healing. He even called that night to check on me. All looks good so far. Thanks to Dr. Kane and his kind and professional staff.
September 2018: Just wanted to add that my neck looks so nice without the fat pocket. Dr. Kane put the fat from my neck into my sunken cheeks. I’m looking more youthful. I’m now getting facials at his Center. I am strengthening the skin on my face. Kelly is great with her soothing facials. Shes getting rid of my old, dead skin. I get compliments on how fresh and clean my face now looks. Not even wearing makeup!!! It’s amazing how I started and how I look today. Will update in a month. Thank you Dr. Kane and staff.
November 8, 2018: It’s been three months. My neck looks great and still getting tighter. Dr. Kane likes my progress. I feel good and I look good. I’m happy!!!
Update: 12/11/18
I just had the most magnificent facial from Kelly. OMGoodness! She said my face is really looking great. I have gotten compliments and I’m not even wearing make-up. I was never one for massages and facials, but I’m a believer. I love how Kelly gives the facial, and I’ll be back. I feel wonderful!!