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I initially went to Dr. Kane for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. After some thought I changed my mind and went with a more invasive procedure. Dr. Kane and his team were very accommodating and very thorough with pre- and post- op instructions. I appreciated how available they were by phone and email to answer questions; there is so much to remember. They were very kind just before the surgery and gentle as I became nervous. I am now 3 weeks out from the procedure and am very pleased at my recovery. Dr. Kane’s recommendations for a massage therapist was top notch and critical to my recovery. He evidences much concern for his patients but is very professional is his instructions and warnings about how to care for yourself once such elective procedures are undertaken. As someone who has had only one very minor surgery in 50 years of life, this was a serious undertaking and I am glad I entrusted myself to Dr. Kane and his team.