I’m a 42y/o woman who unfortunately loves to eat! I have a 23yo some. I have been working out for years..but my eating habits have always been bad..I’ll do good then fall off..Well got to a point where I was just fed up with my stomach…tired of wearing girldes and camoflouging my stomach. I always said at 35…if I didnt lose my stomach by 40…I was going to do this…well HERE I AM. I went to 3 consultations before I decided on Dr. Dean Kane. All 3 suggested I get a tummy tuck but that was just tooo invasive to me ( looked very scary -lol)…So I decided to take a chance on Lipo. I was a little skeptical because I did not see many African American women on his site..but out of the 3 surgeons I talked to..there was just something about him. He made me feel super comfortable and told me realistically the results I may have with just doing Lipo instead of TT. I did the PreOp and found that my Hemoglobin and hermanochrit were low 10.1 ( I’m a Nemic) …they prefer that it is 12 or better. .so I began taking iron supplements, B complex, and Vitamin C. They sent me to a Hematologist to have him clear me before they would do the work. I was informed that if.my levels drop during surgery that I may need a blood transfusion. He, his wife Laurie and staff…even offered to refund the money if I couldn’t get it up in time..this I thought was very nice because monies paid is nonrefundable. Showed me that they were more concerned abouttheir patients than money!