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K. Von Wrex

I have come to adore Dr. Dean Kane, his lovely wife Lauri (who has so much medical knowledge and achievement of her own), as well as not just their support staff but also their facilities. They all deserve nothing short of a 5-star rating.

First, I will just bare-bones tell you how I would rate my experience at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa:

10/10 staff experience
10/10 confidence in guidance
10/10 recovery experience

And so far I’ve elected for 3 procedures:

10/10 Dysport results
10/10 Restylane results
(Lower-lid blepharoplasty TBD)

For reference, I got the furrow and squint muscles neutralized in my forehead and beside my eyes, with Dysport. It’s similar to Botox. The muscles that tend to give people aging upper forehead lines don’t cause me any (grateful for that) so I had no need for that and both Dr. Kane and Lauri were positive and encouraging about allowing those to stay mobile and natural. So, I now cannot furrow my brows, which completely smoothed out the fine lines that were bothering me AND I can still raise and lower my brows, allowing natural expression without a hint of “having work done.” Absolutely 10/10.

I also got Restylane filler at the spot where my under-eyes meet my cheeks, as well as over my cheek bones themselves, to lessen the appearance of the bags and lighten the shadow where my bags sit. Plus, having the filler plump up my cheeks themselves subtly streamlined and contoured my features. The Restylane I rated 10/10 because my expectations were met. Still, the bags under my eyes were prominent, so I knew I would either need more filler, once the initial set in, or I could choose to have a lower-lid blepharoplasty. I chose the bleph because the bags under my eyes have been my most insecure feature and I wanted them GONE. 🙂

However, I am still in the very preliminary stages of healing from the lower-lid bleph, so I will simply say that review is to be determined (TBD).

As far as the Dyport and Restylane, it was probably 10 injections total for both procedures plus the local anesthesia. The swelling and injection bruises were definitely noticeable the first day and a half, but I hesitate to even call the injections painful because it was so light and did not linger. Now that I am fully healed, the area between my under eyes and my cheeks / nose is little tender to press on (only on one side) but truly unnoticeable and completely painless outside of just pushing on my own face, and I knew ahead of time that this could happen. I have no complaints.

The doctor and his staff were great. I even fell in love with their Esthetician, and we have only just begun. I know the most important thing in a medical review is the procedures, and I am wholly satisfied, I would just feel so remiss if I did not sincerely express how much comfort and care Dr. Kane, Lauri, and their staff have given me. From start to finish, it was such a stress-free and relieving experience that the only thing I had to concern myself with was showing up (and of course the bill). To boot, they have a beautiful facility, fully equipped for all of your needs.

I will be returning to Dr. Dean Kane’s Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa for all of my future work, at least for as long as I’m in the DMV (DC – MD – VA area).