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My facial scar was located right in the middle of my forehead, causing great insecurity. I was nervous about how scar removal procedures worked, if they worked at all. I was apprehensive about possibly having to be cut to excise the scar, and having a bigger scar as a result. When I went to Dr Kane’s office, I was greeted by a knowledgeable and empathetic staff. Lori Kane was the first to evaluate me, her understanding and knowledge of how I was feeling, treatment options, potential steps forward and consolation reassured me that I picked the right office to be evaluated by. When Dr Kane arrived he was as reassuring as Lori. His approach was less-is-more first, wanting to see how several different non-invasive treatments and procedures worked first. This made me so happy, because he believed there was great potential to rid my face of a scar on-surgically. I have been preforming at home treatments with RetinA and Silicon Strips. My scars “roping” has drastically reminisced and the positive effects of suggested treatment by Dr Kane are visible! I soon move on to a laser treatment to rid my scar of redness. I am excited to see and share the results of that procedure. I feel like I am on the road to complete recovery and healing, physically and emotionally, and I appreciate and thank Dr Kane for that.