I came to see Dr. Kane because I had flatness and some dark coloring under my eyes and didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I was pretty emotionally disheartened about it too and wasn’t sure why or what was happening here. Well, Dr. Kane explained what it was and had a targeted solution for me -Radiesse. He said it would solve the coloration problem and flatness. I am totally thrilled with the result. It corrected the problem areas and is so natural no one knows I had anything done. For correction, this was the perfect solution. I am most impressed with the correction in my skintone and bringing volume to the flat areas. It is a beautiful look 🙂 I feel I look normal again. Additionally I really appreciate the warm and friendly office. That is huge to me. When I walk into the office, they know my name. Dr. Kane is a true professional and I like that he has an artistic eye. He is knowledgeable and an expert. The experience was a win-win-win. When I left the office I felt a thousand times better. Thank you Dr. Kane for all your help!C