I have received botox injections from a number of physicians and practitioners over the past 10 years. I have never had a bad experience with any of these professionals; however, I prefer Dr Dean Kane over all other practitioners. Dr Kane has been doing my botox injections for the past 6 years and he recently started giving me filler injections around my mouth and eyes. Dr Kane is very artful about the placement of the injections and the result is a very natural look. I have the ability to raise my eyebrows, but I do not have the look of constant “surprise” or, the alternative, a constant “sad” look with a pushed down forehead. Other doctors I have visited do not seem to understand this artful approach and they seem to just place the injections in the same spots, which fixes the wrinkles, but can create a frozen expression. I highly recommend Dr Kane to anyone who is considering injections or any other cosmetic procedures.