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Aging gracefully with the help of this amazing man. I’ve had Botox and lip injections other places, however after seeing Dr. Kane and getting Botox and Restyline, I see the difference between someone who just does Botox and someone who KNOWS Botox and Restyline. I love Dr. Kane’s bed side manner, always listening to me and explaining why what I may think would look amazing may or may not be the best option for me. I have never had someone spend so much time on my lips. His technique for lip injections is awesome, no pain during the injections. He injects, and smooths with his hands, never giving me duck lips or lumpy lips. I’ll be honest. I’ve tried other place for injectables including Groupon offers. I never ever ever get the smooth forehead, subtle brow lift or fullness in my lips with them. I’ll gladly spend the money for the best. And after each appointment, he always says, “After 2 weeks if it’s not perfect or you need anything give us a call.” I’ve never experience a need to go back for touch ups! Perfection on the 1st try. Love this man and his entire staff’s amazing!