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This was my first visit to Dr. Kane’s office. I felt so comfortable and not anxious at all. They made me feel so welcome and the office atmosphere is wonderful. I met with Mrs. Kane and she was so friendly and didn’t judge at all. She provided a wealth of information, to help me make a good decision. Dr. Kane was as friendly as her. They provided me the information to make a decision on what I will need to do. They explained everything regarding the process. If the way I was treated for just a consultant, I can only imagine how they will treat me once I have the procedure. Again, I felt so welcome there, no judgment at all. Thank you Dr. and Mrs. Kane. 2/25/2019 I had my first follow up visit and everyone was so helpful. Susan was my nurse doing the pre-op and getting me ready for the procedure. Susan was the best! She was so comfortable be to be around and gave me all the information before the surgery. I loved Dr. Kane, he was there through the procedure. Even before the procedure started, he was there holding my hands and rubbing my arm to calm me. Everyone was so helpful, thank you Dr. Kane, Julie, Susan and the nurse who showed my sister about the wrap. This is my 3rd day and I am not in real pain. I am more alert, walking and eating. 1/16/2020 This was my 2nd procedure with Dr. Kane. Again, the procedure went well. Still very little pain and that could be my tolerance to pain. I am very happy with my procedure. Dr.Kane is always a pleasure and he always is willing to answer my questions. Dr. Kane has a great bedside manner and makes you feel so comfortable. The entire staff is very pleasant, friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Kane if you are looking to have cosmetic work done. 1/25/2020 This was my 1st week post op visit after my 2nd procedure. I no longer have “bat wings”!! My arms are so beautiful now. I can fit in my long sleeves blouses and the sleeves are no longer tight. Dr. Kane did an excellent job. I was afraid that one arm would be bigger than the other because, my left arm was really, really a bat wings. The arms are even and I couldn’t be more than happy. Dr. Kane made my arms look like they did in my younger days, firm. Dr. Kane is a great plastic surgeon. If you need any work done, I highly would recommend him. Thank you Dr. Kane. As always, his staff is the greatest.