Redness in front of ears 1 week post MACS facelift, but no sign of infection. What is this?!

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. Q.  I am a 56 year old, 7 days post-op following a MACS facelift. I am concerned, and my PS seems to be, with the redness around my incisions (both sides), although there does not appear to be infection. I am also concerned with the deep puckering at the top of the incision – which can also be seen in the attached photo. Also, this incision is much closer to my left eye than the incision on the other side. Should I be concerned? Seeing my PS again in 3 days. A. ​Sorry for your troubles.  ​If the redness has developed over the last couple of days and not since surgery, I would treat it as a cellulitis / folliculitis, an infection of the skin due to bacteria along the edge of the skin and hair follicles. Call your surgeon and be seen immediately or head to the ER. ​ ​The puckering you speak of is a pleat or dart of skin excess. It many cases it will shrink as the living skin re-conforms itself. Discuss this with your surgeon as it may require a longer incision to redistribute the redundancy of skin which occurs with all facelifts. ​ ​I hope this helps. All the best!
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