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Fat graft after facelift?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_80002510 Q. Hi, I recently got a facelift but I realized that I need some fat in my submalar area to make my cheek looks rounder, however after the facelift my submalar is really tight. Please kindly advise if I could still get a decent result with fat graft is the skin is tight. Thank you. A. ​I love fat grafting the face at the time of surgery, particularly when fat has been harvested from the neck, jowls or other surgical areas. There are general limitations though to be considered.
  1. ​ At the time of facelift, fat grafting within the cheek soft-tissues and muscles will help but is restricted by the tightness of the facelift (as you have noted).
  2. ​ Living fat is not able to be saved so a harvesting procedure will be required to obtain the most viable fat to survive at a later date.
  3. Having said that, fat injected with the best techniques and in selected patients will survive only 30 to 50% on average.
  4. The best time for survival is when there is the maximum amount of circulation and this occurs from the 3rd week to the 6th month following surgery.
  5. From 3 weeks to 3 months there are significant changes including swelling and scar / collagen firming of the surgical areas making it more difficult to evenly graft the fat
  6. The best time to graft is when the facelift has settled. This is 6 to 12 months or more after surgery.
The use of fillers is a readily available option without the need of an operating room, medical clearance and surgical costs. ​ You may like the filler option so speak with your surgeon regarding the pro’s and cons of each. ​ ​I hope this is helpful! All the best!
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