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Quick and Easy Neck Lift created by Baltimore Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Dean Kane

For people wanting a quick and easy neck lift, Dr. Dean Kane, board certified plastic surgeon in his Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa created an easy solution for his patients. Younger patients in their 30’s to 50’s are noticing a fullness around their necks and face who don’t have sagging skin desire the tight jaw line of their 20’s. Dr. Kane created a quick and easy necklift in which he uses tiny hidden incisions to lipo-contour the neck and jawline and then use a suture technique that gives a crisp neckline. Dr. Kane’s technique offers much less invasive surgery which allows for quicker recovery and much faster return to normal activities and work.

The more invasive traditional approach Dr. Kane also offers is the neck suspension with platysmaplasty. This is a procedure where lipo-contouring is also used to reduce the fullness around the face and neck, but that an incision is made under the chin and the neck muscles are tightened to create the crisp jawline. The reason Dr. Kane would chose this procedure for his patients is when patient’s muscles have separated where you can see a visual banding of the muscles along front of the neck. The only way to get rid of these bands is to surgically bring those muscles together. When you have a consultation with Dr. Kane, he will advise you which neck procedure is right for you. But importantly, patients who come to Dr. Kane have many option to choose from. You can see many of these procedures on www.DrDeanKane.com.  The best is always to call for a consultation 410-602-3322 to have a personal one on one with Dr. Kane.
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