Beauty for a Cause: Help Dr. Dean Kane be Santa Claus for Red Devils Breast Cancer Women and their Families

At the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Baltimore, Dr. Dean Kane is trying to help The Red Devils provide holiday gift cards to women with breast cancer and their families. When a patient brings in a $10 or more gift card from Target, Walmart and Toys R’Us,  Dr. Kane will give his patient a special gift in return in addition to special savings on Restylane, Perlane and Dysport.  The Red Devils is an organization that Dr. Dean Kane and his wife, Lauri Kane support throughout the year. The Red Devils provide support services to women undergoing breast cancer therapies in 40 hospitals throughout Maryland. The type of services provided include transportation to their therapies, house cleaning, food service, child care and financial resources.

Beauty with a Cause is a great way to give back this season to families with special needs. Come in during the month of December, bring a gift card for these families and Dr. Kane will enhance your beauty and with give a facial gift as well. Call the office at 410-602-3322 or email to schedule your appointment. To learn more about the Red Devils visit their website at: Dr. Kane looks forward to being Santa Claus for a Great Cause!!!
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