Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore offers his patients, The Mini-Facelift, a Simpler Solution and Less Expensive for the Busy Patient

Dr. Dean Kane recognizes that today’s men and women need to look good, but can’t take the time for large invasive cosmetic surgeries. He offers his patients the options to do a traditional face and neck lift or the less invasive The Mini-Facelift which allows for quicker recoveries and less expensive. The main difference between the two procedures is The Mini-Facelift, Dr. Kane does not make an incision under the chin and does not surgically tighten the plastyma neck muscles. Instead, Dr. Kane uses a suture from ear to ear that tightens the neck much more simply and less invasively. In both the traditional facelift and the Mini-Facelift he places his incisions behind the ear and hidden inside the front of the ear along the boney tragus of the ear where he removes all the excess skin of the face and neck. In both cases, whether Dr. Kane tightens the muscles of the neck uses the suture suspension,  Dr. Kane will use lipo-contouring of the neck and jaw to provide the crisp taut youthful jaw line.

Both of these facelift procedures can be found on Call 410-602-3322 to make a consultation with Dr. Dean Kane in his Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery  to see which face procedure is right for you.
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