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Dr. Dean Kane’s 5 Latest and Greatest Cosmetic Technologies to make a New You in 2013

Dr. Dean Kane, board certified in plastic surgery, keeps up with the latest and greatest in cosmetic procedures while combining the good old traditional technologies to achieve truly effective approaches to a new you. In a seminar and live demonstrations of these combined non-surgical approaches, guests will be able to touch, feel and learn how to be transformed in 2013. Areas to be covered in this unique Free Seminar on January 24th from 12 to 2 in his Baltimore Center for Cosmetic Surgery and Medspa location (1 Reservoir Circle, Pikesville, MD) will include: 

1. What’s cool about coolsculpting: Unique revolutionary way to permanently Freeze away your unwanted fat bulges without surgery. Fat bulges on the abdomen, love handles, back fat and breast rolls are easily reduced within 4-12 weeks while people are able to work and function normally. Little to no downtime is needed. It’s truly working and effective in 1 treatment. 2. The liquid face lift: the natural transformation: Using Botox, Dysport, and Fillers such as Restylane, Perlane to refresh, restore and rejuvenate the entire face in less than 1 hour and without surgery. Dr. Kane fills and plumps the upper cheeks, fills in the hollows under the eyes, camouflages the under lid bags. Nasal folds are lifted and smoothed. Frowns are turned upside down by filling in the Marionette Lines lip corners. The aging Lips are brought back to their youthful fullness. Botox and Dysport are able to provide non-surgical brow lifts giving a more awake, welcoming, eye opening appearance. 3. TCA: still the best chemical peel for tightening, lightening and smoothing. NOT your lunchtime peel. TCA Peels requires a 7 day fairly easy recovery period.  This peel is as effective as a CO2 lasering resurfacing without the pain and oozing recovery. TCA is one of our oldie but goody Peels that continues to be one of the best to peel away dead layers of skin, lift the brown spots and irregular brown pigment off the face, truly minimize fine lines and tighten the face. Dr. Kane combines his liquid facelift with TCA Peel to truly get the ultimate rejuvenated face without needing any surgical intervention. 4. ZO Skin Care Products, the new and improved Obagi made simpler: Dr. Obagi has created a new delivery system of his skin products. He is able to using incredibly effective skin lightening and exfoliating skin products within one or two cream systems in a single bottle without requiring the use of Retin A and Hydroquinone in these revolutionary skin care products. 5. IPL / Fractional Pixel the perfect easy and fast solution for red, textured, and brown blotchy skin. IPL is a light technology performing Photofacials that after 1-3 treatments will effectively minimize the red and brown blotchy areas of the entire face. Rosecea, red spider veins, red acne scarring and brown spots from sun damage are all eliminated. Combining Fractional Pixel, a laser level peel, is done following the IPL treatment which works to smooth out textures of the skin from acne and aging. These combined procedures provide an effective synergistic effect to provide clear glowing skin. All 5 of these revolutionary approaches are being discussed with live demonstrations at Dr. Dean Kane’s Free Seminar on Jan 24th from 12 to 2 so guests can see how to reinvent themselves in truly easy, effective and innovative ways in 2013. All attendees will be offered a free consultation for a personalized evaluation to be transformed. A fuller description of each of these 5 procedures can be seen on www.DrDeanKane.com.  All guests must RSVP by calling 410-602-3322 or emailing: Lauri@DrDeanKane.com.
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