Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Travel after Facelift, Neck Lift and Eyelid Surgery

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Q. I had a face/neck lift and upper eyelid surgery on November 16th 2017. Can I travel?  I had a face, neck lift and upper eyelid surgery on November 16th 2017. My family is going for a family reunion to Mexico on December 19th I wonder if is safe for me if is not too soon? Thank you!

A. This is a question to be answered by your Facelift Surgeon as each patient, surgical technique and results (side-effects and complications) is unique.

In general, if you have healed well, you should be able to travel (ie, fly) 4 weeks following a facelift, necklift and eyelid surgery. Cautions may include:

  1. Exertional activities like pulling or lifting luggage, stress and worry if travel complications occur,
  2. Concerns regarding swimming with an eye or face mask
  3. Changes in pressure with your ears on the plane
  4. Sun exposure and use of sun block
  5. Over active facial expression during the healing process
  6. Carry a steroid dose pack and anti-histamines depending on your needs
  7. Use of NSAIDs and drinking alcohol at that stage in your healing
  8. Others

Speak with him or her directly as to your progress and his or her recommendations. Happy Holidays. All the best!

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