Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Is 0.5 cc Restylane Enough to “Fill” Lips

Q. Would 0.5 ml syringe of Restylane be enough to fill my lips? I want my top lip to be more full but subtle looking, I don’t want them to look like duck lips. With that being said, would half of a syringe be enough to fill out the look I want? Also, around what price is correct for 0.5 ml of Restylane.

A. Thanks for sharing your photo. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and your lip shape is beautiful. 

When injecting the lips, several actions occur including:

  1. the volume of the filler injected, and volume increase due to the hydrophillic (water attracting) response of the gel, 
  2. muscle response to the xylocaine causing weakness and muscle pout for 1-24 hours,
  3. IgE, IgA, histamine and other inflammatory swelling for 1-3 days.

I agree that 0.5 cc of Restylane would add enough volume to expand the vermillion creasing. You can easily return for more if you like it and wish move lip volume. Filler to only one lip will appear distorted due to #2 and #3 above , use a bit of the 0.5 cc Restylane in the lower lip as well. 

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