Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Yo-Yo Weight Loss; Will CoolSculpting Still Work?

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Q. What happens if you get CoolSculpting done and start to gain weight within the first 3-4 months? In the past year and a half I lost about 50 lbs and decided to get cool sculpting done on my outer thighs. I had two treatments done about 6 weeks apart, I saw no results at first and for whatever reason fell off the wagon and started to gain weight rapidly within the first 3 months afterwards. Did I just completely lose a couple grand or if I get back on the wagon and start eating healthy and exercise will it still work?

A. Keeping the weight off “is hard to do!” CoolSculpting kills 20-25% of the fat within the applicator never to come back but without weight maintenance or weight loss The residual 75% of fat cells can get bigger and calories can redistribute to fat cells elsewhere in the body. 

Losing the weight at a later date, you will see the investment in your CoolSculpting show through. 

Congrats on your initial weight loss, keep up the spirit!

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