Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Upper Face Volume Loss; Lower Face Volume Gain. Loss of the Feminine Face.

Q. What can be done to get my face back to feminine shape? I’m 40 now and my face has changed. My masseter muscles enlarged it looks like. I lost volume under my eyes fat Pads dropped it looks like. I look tired and face shape is no longer feminine.

A. Thank you for sharing your photos and concerns. The beginnings of facial skin laxity start when skin repair diminishes and passive skin aging relaxes downward. 

The skin stretches and elongates developing 5 growing “waves” at points of attachment such as the:

  1. hooding along the eyes,
  2. lower eyelid / cheek junction or tear trough / nasojugal fold
  3. nasolabial fold,
  4. lateral mouth commissure and marionette folds,
  5. jowls and neck.

For these reasons your perceptions are correct; a fuller lower face appears more aged and more masculine. Since I do not have the advantage to examine you, I hope you will be helped by the information below. My immediate recommendations are to obtain consultation with a talented, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive skills in:

  1. non-surgical skin tightening using Obagi ZO Skin Health Rx regimen and chemical peels,
  2. minimally invasive injectables including fillers and / or fat; particularly to the central (“apple”) and lateral cheek (boney area), 
  3. Minimally invasive Silhouette Suture Suspension of soft tissues and skin,
  4. possibly the use of Botox to your masseter muscles if they are widening your lower face. 

Don’t forget to protect your skin from the elements! UV blockers, anti-oxidants, pigmentation control to  maintain your skin rejuvenation efforts. 

You can understand why it takes a talented, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with great experience to evaluate your needs and find a plan that works best for you. 

Please follow the link for a fuller explanation.

 I trust this is helpful.  All the best! 

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