Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Tummy Tuck and Mon’s Pubis

Q. Is it normal for pubic area to be higher after a tummy tuck? I had my tummy tuck over 3 months ago, and my pubic area (mons I think it’s called), is significantly higher than it was pre surgery. My doctor told me this was a possibility but I thought he said it was uncommon for it to be significant enough to notice.

A. The mon’s pubis as you correctly called the mound over the pubic bone is typically thicker than or equal to the tummy thickness between it and the umbilicus. A crease or scar just above the mons can cause thickness variations. If you have significant laxity in the lower tummy, the mons will descent and project more, giving a fuller look too. Many patients will consider CoolSculpting or Lipocontouring of the area to provide the fullness and projection they wish.

At the time of a tummy tuck, the mons fullness may be lipocontoured or reduced by excision to approximate the abdominoplasty flap thickness it is attached too. It should also be “pulled” upward to stretch and therefore thin the thickness as well. Following the surgery, you can expect swelling to last 3 to 12 months and consider CoolSculpting or Liposuction to improve the contour.

I hope this is helpful. All the best!

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