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Q.  My surgeon frequently does a risky facelift procedure. Will other “risky” choices follow? The procedure is the removal of saliva glands and I opted against this as I don’t have jowls. This is the only surgeon (after several consultations) that I feel comfortable with. He is board certified, has excellent credentials and reviews, terrific photos, and I really like his bedside manner and staff. However, my husband is worried other “risky” decisions will follow and wants me to select another surgeon that I don’t feel comfortable with (poor bedside manner and rude/chaotic staff). Any thoughts?

A. You have certainly led a interesting thread of inquiries. This important issue deals with trust. You are the patient and it is you who will have the concerns and “second thoughts” before, during and following your surgery. Always select the very best relationships with good, honest people and their staff! 

Regarding your salivary gland removal. This is a higher risk procedure and its consequences must be discussed with the surgeon. You may even want to interview patients who have had it done.  All life’s decisions carry risk with rewards and consequences. You have been quite direct in your inquiries and should fulfill your CONCERNS with your choice of surgeon and staff. 

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