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Q. ThermiRase vs Botox, is effective? Is it safe? I’ve had some bad reactions from Botox and have read about ThermiRase as an option but I don’t see doctors offering it anymore. 1) Is it effective 2) Is it safe? 3) Is anyone offering it in the NY or DC area?

A. Botox is tried and true when performed by a well experienced and Board Certified injector. If you find one who understands the anatomy, injection techniques and depth of injection, you should be very pleased with your 3-6 month results!

ThermiRase uses radio-frequency energy to “lesion” or permanently disrupt the nerve to the muscle fibers desired. It is very skill intensive and fairly complicated in its nerve fiber identification, radio-frequency settings and number of lesions to produce near total to total nerve ablation. There are several really talented Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons in the US but it is not full-proof yet.

Both have their side-effects and complications. Continue with Botox / Dysport until you find the ThermiRase super-specialist you are looking for.

All the best!

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