Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Silhouette InstaLift Possible Nodule

Q. Several months following a Silhouette Instalift suture facelift a tiny tumor developed in my neck. Could this be caused by the procedure?

A. Sorry for your concern.

The Silhouette InstaLift (SIL) suture is made of 2 parts including poly-L-lactic acid.

This is the same molecule as is Sculptra, a biologically active molecule which stimulates fibroblasts to make collagen and used as an injectable for skin tightening.  When using Sculptra, spicules, granules and nodules are known to occur if improper massage, injection technique or dilution are used.

I am unaware of and have had no personal incidents in my practice of a SIL suture forming such a nodule but theoretically this could occur. It is expected that the suture and cones of a SIL suture will undergo normal enzymatic degradation while stimulating adjacent cells, in particular fibroblasts to form more collagen with the goal of skin tightening and controlled contracture. Medical biopsy of Sculptra nodules have been consistent with collagen or granuloma (an unspecified formation of immune breakdown of tissue).

As stimulation occurs adjacent to the molecule and not at a distant site, sutures in the face would not be expected to produce nodular concerns in the neck.

Of course, without a proper exam and as you are undergoing, a biopsy for histologic evaluation, this “teeny pea sized nodule” may be another concern for your primary care physician to evaluate.

I hope this turns out well for you.

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