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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Sculptra Use and Deformity

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Q. I had my second round of Sculptra 16 months ago. My face is distorted with no signs of collagen growth stopping. What can I do? My cheeks were pumped upwards and sideways/it has totally changed the structure of my once delicate face. The doctor who did it refuses to acknowledge there is a problem as he isn’t experienced in diluted kenalog/collagenese or anything that could help restore me back to my previous appearance. I have heard from European doctor’s that Sculptra collagen can last 10 years to a lifetime once the product has dissipated. Need to explore options to help restore my cheeks back to how they were. Seeking advice. I’m 29.

A. At 29, the body retains the capacity to regenerate aging cells and supporting structures with an active immune system. Sculptra is a “bio-filler” which stimulates the repair and regeneration of collagen and other structural molecules and cells in the skin and underlying soft tissues. It is not perfect and like any other device or medication it must be used judiciously by a skillful and talented, experienced and hopefully Board Certified Physician Injector. It is considered a very advanced technique.
If you have no granules or nodules, I would recommend allowing the Sculptra to complete its cycle of stimulation to “restore” your “previous appearance.”  Use skin tightening options and / or hyaluronic acid fillers to “touch up” your desires. Kenalog and collagenase as you point out will break down and atrophy or weaken tissues and collagen but easily diffuse into undesired adjacent tissues potentially causing more deformity.
If you have residual HA fillers in your cheeks, skillful use of hyaluronidase may reduce cheek size. Otherwise, enjoy your beauty.
I hope I have been helpful.

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