Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Lumpy Healing Following Neck Lift

Q: I had neck lift with lipo on 2/25/20. After 3 months, I’m still seeing pockets of lumpy fat. I know the waiting time s “6” months, but I don’t see the lumps getting any smaller. I’m massaging with moisturizer daily per PS. I am 62 and wondering what other non-evasive treatment I might be a candidate for to smooth out the lumps and bumps. Would Cool Sculpting work? Attaching some pictures for reference. By the way, the banding is better. Thanks in advance.

A: Thanks for sharing your photos! Don’t let this keep you down.

While there are no “pre-op” photos to compare with, this initial 3 month photo looks like healing is right on course.
Collagen (or scar) develops from 2 to 12 weeks following any injury and surgery. It becomes lumpy first and then “remodels” into a thinner, stronger layer. That’s why I recommend patience for a year following any procedure for its optimal results.
Massage and pressure (night time use of a garment may be helpful) will be your best options at this time. You’re not ready to try CoolSculpting and it could worsen the problem if used at this time. 
All the best and stay safe!

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