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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Face Enhancement Options following Massive Weightloss

Dr. Dean Kane | Baltimore MD

Patient at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa

Q. Why not a facelift in late twenties or early thirties?  I have severe sagging jowls from extreme weight loss (45 lbs gained in 1 year, then 45 lbs lost the next year) Every doctor seems to discourage facelifts at my age, but I never seem to be given a reason why. Will it look bad later in life? Will there be any consequences? I don’t want to be conservative just for conservativeness’ sake.

A. I agree with face and neck lift following weight loss as an option. Age is a number and not the only factor to consider with elective cosmetic surgery. Your entire face and body are suspended within a web of fibrous tissues. During aging and weight loss, tissue repair, ie. “collagen” and other structural molecule formation is diminished and laxity occurs. Generally, surgical options will last the longest due to the greater collagen production; an average of 7 years for the face. Many minimally invasive options which generally produce less scar or collagen will last less than this and non-invasive options up to a year. Surgical and minimally invasive procedures will provide the greatest longevity and least risk of complications during your most youthful years, so take advantage when you can. 

My immediate recommendations are to:

  • consider a plan with a full-spectrum, talented Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who provides for you the goals and duration of results you are searching for
  • non-surgical skin tightening using Obagi ZO Skin Health Rx regimen and chemical peels
  • non-invasive dynamic wrinkle reduction and brow balancing with Botox / Dysport
  • minimally invasive Sculptra injection regimen for skin firming and tightening
  • minimally invasive injectables including fillers and / or fat
  • minimally invasive Silhouette Suture Suspension of soft tissues and skin longer duration in brow elevation and upper cheek suspension
  • minimally invasive skin tightening options such as ThermiTIGHT
  • surgical face and neck lift options, as desired.

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