Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding CoolSculpting with Cardio / Diet Weight Loss


Q. I’m interested in getting Coolsculpting to even out my stomach. Can I get Coolsculpting while I’m still losing weight? I’m interested in getting Coolsculpting to even out my stomach. I received some liposuction in my stomach area (fat grafting) and I have a little unevenness in the lower region. I do plan on losing more weight, though, as I’m actively losing weight now. When I say losing weight, I do this through weight training and cardio, so I’m building muscle in that area as well. Can I get Coolsculpting now while I’m still losing weight and it still work out on my uneven stomach? Or will that affect the results?

A. I have found that genetics and aging / metabolism play a role in where you lose or gain weight. Every patient is different.

CoolSculpting (CS) while you are losing weight is a good idea; particularly in those areas where cardio and diet do not seem to make a difference and CS can target those areas directly.

Whereas fat cells lost by CS never come back, those shrunk by diet and exercise can come back.

Keep up the good work! I wish you the best!


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