Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Blurry Vision Following Botox

Q. My vision is blurry post Botox, what can be done to rectify this issue? Botox caused this one week one! I had forehead and crows feet done and my vision is blurred. Will Botox in other areas help rectify.

A. Sorry for your troubles! Thanks for sharing your photos. 

Botox relaxes muscles but also works on glands. Proper injection is an art and a science and takes talent, anatomic understanding and skill. Despite these qualities, even the best injector will have a rare complication. Botox diffusion for eyebrow lift can drift onto the:

  1. eyelid muscle causing ptosis or droop, 
  2. affect the lacrimal and eyelid glands causing dryness and possible blurriness from this, and 
  3. affect the muscles to the iris and lens also causing blurriness. 
  4. relax the muscles of eye movement causing double vision

While temporary, some or all of these symptoms can be reversed for short periods of time with a medicated eyedrop called mydfrin, iodipine and / or Naphcon A . 

If your injector is unhelpful, it is best to call a Board Certified Ophthalmologist or Oculoplastics specialist for evaluation and direction.  I wish you the best!


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