Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding CoolSculpting for Under the Chin and Neck

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Q. What would be the difference between the effects of the new CoolMini and the older CoolSculpting for under the chin/neck area?

A. CoolSculpting for limited fat reduction is tried and true. Interestingly, the prior generation of applicator is based on two parallel cooling panels on either side of the skin/fat bulge which is sucked into it.

The CoolMini was developed thereafter for use under the chin and other smaller curved areas  with an internal curved suction and cooling platform all-in-one.  It was this design that evolved to the CoolAdvantage series of applicators which are more efficient and comfortable.
So, there is only one applicator specific for the sub-mentum and double chin area. When used creatively, we have seen results defining the jawline and reducing the jowl as well.

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