Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding CoolSculpting for a Small C-section Skin Laxity

Dr. Dean Kane Q. Should I consider have CoolSculpting done for c-section pooch? Is CoolSculpting a good non invasive alternative for me? I am considering have CoolSculpting done in my after c section pooch. It’s been 10 months since my last c sections, I eat healthy and i workout but nothing seems get my flat tummy again! I am 5’2 and 103lb, 35 years old and 2 c sections. I visit 2 med, one of the told me I don’t need tummy tuck bc is a very small area, and other suggested laser lipo (but I can’t afford it it was like 8 thousand). So heard about CoolSculpting and also seems more affordable, but does it work?

A. Thanks for sharing your photos. They are helpful. 

I would anticipate the little roll between your fingers would respond well to CoolSculpting if your expectations are right. Those expectations would be:

  1. to flatten the fat content in between your fingers
  2. possibly have the skin contract (not tighten)

Other options beyond liposuction include: 

  1. ThermiTIGHT to tighten the skin and
  2. a mini-tummy tuck to remove the skin excess.

Based on your photo appearance, you look terrific. Try the CS first, then when you are ready go for more.

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