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Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane Answers Question Regarding Non-Surgical Contouring

Q: What nonsurgical procedures will help me get a more defined, contoured, and youthful face/look? I’m 37, 120lb female. My jawline has lost definition, cheeks and jowl came down due to aging (I think). I greatly appreciate any advice you have to achieving a more defined and contoured look. I’ve attached pics of myself, and example of a transformation I saw online that yielded great results.

A: Following the age of 30, collagen production passively diminishes and the volume of our skin and soft tissues declines producing the facial folds (nasojugal, nasolabial, lateral commissures and marionette / jowl / jawline).

The 3 non-surgical anti-aging options include:
  • Volume replacement: fillers and fat
  • Consider widening your face with fillers at the upper cheek bone and if clenching widens your jaw width, use “botox” to narrow it.
  • Lifting: suspension sutures
  • Tightening: Sculptra, RF, laser, peels, retinoids, ThermiTight
Some of the contour concern you may have is associated with the natural asymmetries of the facial tissues. During fetal development, your right and left halves grow asymmetrically and differentiate differently as well. The skeletal “hanger” to all your tissues is different one side from the other. Your tissues also grow according to the needs, forces and behavioral emotions shown on one side versus the other.
To gain a more harmonious balance and contour of your highlights and shadows select a talented, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive minimally invasive skills to achieve your goals. He/she will use the “tools of our trade”, fillers, “botox”, lasers, suspension sutures, micro-lipo-contouring, ThermiTight and other options to help you achieve your desires.
I hope this is helpful. All the best!

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