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Not sure a Tummy Tuck is for me?

91094330Question from Texas, TX: After 3 kids, my stomach is not the same. When I am standing it looks relatively flat (protrudes a bit) but when I sit, I always have this extra skin that hangs. I am fairly fit and trim but it is always there. I am not sure a TT will improve the appearance of my stomach enough to make surgery worth it. Thank you for your input.

 Answer from Dr. Dean Kane, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon from Baltimore:​ ​ You look wonderful and appear to have retained much of your pre-mommy contour but unfortunately, those “little kids” have stretched your tissues. These include:
  1. ​stretching the outer skin which folds over your bikini when you sit
  2. ​some thickening of the fat
  3. ​stretching of the inner girdle which keeps you from maintaining a flat, tight tummy.
​There are various options for mommy make-over tummy contouring. These options are dependent on your skin laxity and the areas of liposuction contouring you wish or need. You can consider:  1. a traditional tummy tuck where the ab muscles are tightened, the sides are liposuction contoured, the excess skin is removed, the mons lifted and a new belly button is created.  2. a mini-tummy tuck where the skin below the belly button is removed and mons lifted (noting this will leave your muscle girdle and skin above the umbilicus loose and may limit your tummy tuck options in the future).  ​For others reading this reply, they may consider:  3. a panniculectomy / lipo-sculpting where the large lower roll of tummy skin is removed and the upper tummy and sides and / or back are reduced with liposuction. A similar technique is used for the upper arms called brachioplasty or thighs called thigh-plasty.  4. a body lift used with patients who have super-skin excess and the tummy, sides and back skin are lifted with or without muscle tightening.  5. liposuction of the circumfirential trunk for body contouring.  6. liposuction of partial areas such as the front abdomen with and without muscle etching, love handles, inner and outer thighs, arms, neck; any of which use traditional, syringe and ultrasonic liposculpting.  ​And, most recently, the non-surgical reduction of fat using Cool Sculpting.  ​If you have fulfilled your desires for more children, I believe you will be best served with a traditional tummy tuck and if needed, some lipo-contouring of the flanks for a improved “hour-glass” contour.  ​In any case, please seek the evaluation of a well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for their recommendations. ​ ​I hope this was helpful! All the best!
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