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Need of blood test before dermal filler injection?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. Is it required to take any blood test before giving the dermal filler treatment in your general practice? Like an HPV test and clotting and bleeding time? Does it affect the result of dermal filler if not done with patient with these infections? A. ​In years past, fillers were made for injection from animal and human tissues. While blood tests were not used, skin testing was for an allergic reaction. ​ ​Today, the most common fillers, hyaluronic acid gels (HA’s) are made by a “recombinant genetic method.” This is to insert the human gene for HA into a yeast cell or bacteria and have it produce exact replicas of the HA molecule. Thereafter, it is purified and linked or cleaved to produce the fillers unique character. ​ ​As with any medicine or device, fillers are not perfect and my contain a rare impurity or preservative to which you are allergic but no blood or skin testing is needed. ​ ​Discuss this further with your Board Certified Injector. All the best!  
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