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Men are Turning to Coolsculpting to Slim Down their Waistlines

It’s Spring and the perfect time to get your body looking good for the beach. Men are you frustrated with your love handles and your lower gut? While you don’t often find men in a plastic surgeon’s office, CoolScupting is turning that around. More and more men are turning to CoolSculpting to get rid of that paunch and gut. Just as women want to lose those unwanted stubborn bulges, so do men. In the Baltimore office of Dr. Dean Kane at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery. An expert in plastic surgery, Dr. Kane offers CoolSculpting, an innovative, revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that eliminates those stubborn areas of fat. No needles, no down time …with proven results. Freeze your fat away today to be beach ready by summer. Dr. Kane finds men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds coming to his office to non-surgically reduce that unwanted fat around the waistline. Dr. Kane offers everything a man wants while getting his CoolSculpting, a flat screen TV and Wi-Fi to entertain themselves while freezing the fat away. Dr. Kane offers an introductory 50% OFF Coolsculpting special. Buy one area and get the second area of equal or lesser value at 50% off. Simply log on to DrDeanKane.com to register for your voucher. It’s a cool way to a hot body. Visit us today at DrDeanKane.com or call us at 410-602.3322.

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