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I have lumps 3 weeks after face & neck lift

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding Face & Neck Lifts

Q. A have a large lump on cheekbone when I smile and a long bump on my neck. Is this normal after 3 weeks? A. Between weeks 2 to 12 scar in the form of collagen is developing the strength to hold your tissues together. This lumpy, bumpy phase is exaggerated as the tissue fluid, swelling or edema recede. These 2 bumps you indicate may be a further bundle of collagen formation surrounding the sutures use internally to suspend the deeper soft tissues. They may also be minimal fluid collections. It is possible to assist the smoother, remodeled formation of scar with massage. It is best to follow-up with your surgeon to discuss these normal appearing concerns with him / her. I wish you the best!
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