Looking for second opinion on CoolSculpting for the thighs.

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A shutterstock_50309701 Q. Looking for second opinion on CoolSculpting for the thighs. I had a consultation with a doctor recently regarding CoolSculpting for the inner, and possibly outer, thigh area. I was told that due to poor skin laxity, CoolSculpting would make my problem worse? Do you agree? I’ve seen other pictures on this website of women with similar thigh issues who’ve had phenomenal results. Please advise. A. CoolSculpting is tried and true for limited fat reduction when used properly on appropriate patients. It does not, nor is there any technique which will reliably tighten skin. Your will see photos, primarily the lower back fat and occasionally the lower tummy with terrific shrinking of skin. I have had those results too BUT this is not guaranteed or expected. The front and inner thigh have looser skin which tightens poorly. Do not expect this skin to improve with the standard suction CoolSculpting applicators nor the newer Cool Smooth applicator. So sorry to disappoint you. We are all waiting for the miracle machine too. I hope this has helped. All the best!
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