I’ve had weight loss surgery and am wondering if CoolSculpting will help with loose skin.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dean Kane of Baltimore Answers Question Regarding CoolSculpting

Q. I’ve lost 40 pounds but still have 50 more to go. My problem area is my lower belly is sagging badly

A. Congratulations on your success and continued desire to lose weight!

After 20 years of disappointing devices to non-surgically reduce fat and tighten skin, 2 are finally “working”. These are:

CoolSculpting primarily for limited fat reduction. Some patients in some areas will experience some skin shrinkage but certainly not skin tightening.

ThermiTIGHT for skin tightening. Most patients will experience a small to moderate improvement with this minimally invasive technique.

Following massive weight loss, I anticipate you will need skin removal as the skin excess will be too much for any non-invasive improvement at this time. For your belly, a tummy tuck will also tighten the fascial laxity, ie. the internal muscle corset.

Always consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for proper examination, proper discussion of alternatives best for you and your best chance of a great result. All the best!

This information is not meant as medical advice. It is provided solely for education. Our practice would be pleased to discuss your unique circumstances and needs as they relate to these topics.

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