Is it true you cannot sleep on your side after a facelift?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Time Ticking Q. Is it true you cannot sleep on your side after a facelift? I don’t think I could train myself to sleep on my back so what will happen if I sleep on my side? Is there a certain amount of time I should sleep on back before resuming to side sleeping? I’m sure I would need to take sleeping pills to learn to stay on my back. A. ​Thanks for this commonly asked question. Swelling and bruising are expectations following any surgical, non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure. ​ ​Swelling and bruising following a facelift can last 2-3 weeks before most patients feel comfortable to be social. ​ There are activities that can help ​reduce prolonged or asymmetrical swelling and bruising. These include:
  • ​head elevation
  • ​gentle massage
  • ​cold compresses
  • ​anti-inflammatories
​ ​Many patients do use sleep aids to help maintain their position when sleeping. You might consider:
  • ​a rolled towel behind your neck
  • ​extra pillows behind your head and neck, under your knees and ankles and on your sides; or the use of a “lazy boy” like lounger
  • sedating ​anti-histamines such as benadryl or other sleep medications.
You must discuss these options with your surgeon to guide you on what is best for your case. ​I hope this has been helpful! ​All the best!
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