I’m having an age spots frozen and then a face lift. How long in between each treatment?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A.

Q. I am having some age spots frozen/ from my face then 3 weeks later have a neck and lower face lift. Is that enough time between the treatments A. Congratulations for taking the leap to personal rejuvenation. ​Age spots can be different things to different people and providers. They are pigmented lesions seen mostly in lighter skinned but very sun exposed patients. They maybe lentigos created from the melanocyte or melanin forming cells or a seborrheic keratosis formed from the top layer cells in the skin. ​ ​They maybe removed in a variety of ways including:
    1. ​liquid nitrogen freezing
    2. ​cautery or dessication with a “electric pencil”
    3. ​laser
    4. ​chemical peel.
    5. While superficial, they should fully heal so the injury to the underlying skin does not affect circulation or provide a break in the defense of the skin when the face and neck lift are performed.
​I would recommend no less than 3 weeks between dessication of a skin lesion directly on the area of the face and neck lift. ​I hope this is helpful! I wish you the very best!  
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