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What’s a good filler may I use for scar in forehead?


Dr. Dean Kane Fillers Q & A.

Q. I got full forehead scars I tried juavederm ultra but didn’t get good reasult but better than before. May I use sculptra?? It really bothers me.

A. Every scar is different. Each person and each body or face site that the skin is cut or punctured will heal with a different quality of scar. Some are flat and thin but many are thick and ropey, red or pigmented brown. Some pull causing a contracture or are lumpy. There are many different treatments depending on the quality of your scar(s) which I will address below. When it bothers you as it does, you may consider the following options: 1. Waiting for the scar to “mature” i.e. become soft and flat 2. Massaging the scar, using scar creams and silicone sheeting to soften it 3. IPL and vascular laser and light therapies to reduce the redness and ‘ropeyness’ 4. Steroid injection to reduce the growth and lumpiness 5. Retinoids, hydroquinone skin therapy to reduce the thickness and pigmentation 6. Surgical removal and revision of the scar. 7. Fillers to fill the loss of tissue under the scar and make it smoother. 8. Microdermabrasion or Dermabrasion to reduce the raised surfaces making the scar smoother. ​9. Micro-needling to restart the inflammatory phase of healing in the hopes of remodeling the scar and re-epithelializing the surface. ​10. Sculptra injection to remodel the scar and fill the depression. This, like any technique is very skill dependent. A scar is permanent and many times becomes imperceptible. Time, of course will help scars improve. You can appreciate the many ways to help your scar. ​I recommend you consult with various well experienced and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ENT or Dermatologist to evaluate and provide you with their recommendations.
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