I just had a facelift. I am 49. What products do you recommend to keep my skin youthful and healthy? I have an allergy to retinol.

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A. shutterstock_78313426 Q. I just had a facelift 2 weeks ago. I am still swollen and numb on the sides of my face. What product do you recommend to help the swelling go down quicker? What do you recommend I use for long lasting results? I am allergic to retinol. A. Following facelift like any surgery, the skin and tissues will go through a dynamic process of healing. Externally you can help with a properly managed skin health program. Internally, proper diet including vitamins, minerals, protein and essential fatty acids will improve swelling and healing, provide the supplementation your body would take from other body areas to heal and protect your investment. Gentle cleansers are good! Scubs maybe good but a little early in the management of skin health following your facelift. Moisturizers will depend on your skin oiliness or dryness. At some point, skin stimulation and up-regulation to improve the texture, coloration and scar formation should be considered. Thereafter, continuous improvement is essential. It is my recommendation that you find and consult with a Skin Care Specialist, particularly one that is a Certified ZO (Obagi) Skin Health Specialist or on his Faculty to carefully introduce Retinoids and/or non-retinoids, hydroquinones and/or non-HQs (a pharmacological level of care), proper moisturizers, anti-oxidants and protection to properly up-regulate and transform your skin quality to a rosy, moist, rejuvenated quality. ​ ​There are evolving products to help your skin that are not retinoids and different vitamin A topicals which are not retinols when considering your allergy. You have invested a lot in your facelift! Stimulate it and care for it to last longer than the normal aging and environmental factors against it. I hope this is helpful! All the best!
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