I have lines above and below my lips. What is the best filler to use?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. I have lines above and below my lips. What is the best filler to use? shutterstock_85596703 A. Lines above and below the pink lip are a combination of muscle wrinkling and dermal lines (ie loss of collagen along the wrinkle). Botox in my hands provides a stiffer relaxation (no oxymoron intended) of the circular lip muscle. This may be the cause of your dissatisfaction while trying to tame those wrinkles.  I use Dysport more sparingly for a more gentle relaxation. Fillers are now so varied as to be confusing for the “fill” of the dermal lines. They are rated according to their stiffness or projection. Restylane SILK has recently been introduced in the US and is indicated for these lip lines specifically. It has the characteristic to be very smoothening and silky without projection. Properly injected, the lines diminish and almost seem to fade away. The combination of Dysport and Silk, provides synergistic and longer lasting effects than each alone. They also provide more immediate effect than non-injectible options BUT these options should be considered for their long term effects. These include: 1. Retinoids: tretinoin or retinol 2. Laser / Chemical Peels: fractionated CO2 / erbium, ClearLift, IPL, TCA peels Please obtain consultation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist with a full armamatarium of skills so you do not receive a single biased option. I hope this helps. All the best!
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