I am planning on having a full facelift in the near future. Are such procedures typically done in office or hospital/clinic?

Dr. Dean Kane Q & A Q. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages to these settings? thinking     A. ​The results of your surgery are dependent on many factors including the site in which your surgery is performed. ​ ​As you may have already learned, trust in the talent, skills, experience and board certification of your surgeon are paramount! So are the talent, skills, experience and certifications of the anesthetist, nurses and technicians which assist in the accredited facility you choose. ​ ​For myself, I have found my best care is provided in my accredited office surgical center. My staff continuously learns and hones their skills to provide all aspects of safety and personalized care based on the philosophy of myself and my practice. We work together as a single team and therefore are very caring and efficient. Since I have a 1 OR practice, there is no conflict in the care of each individual patient. That said, there are advantages to other locations and limitations as well. ​ ​Today’s medical environment leads to a lot of turnover in staff and therefore while qualified, may not know the ways of thehospital, ambulatory surgery center and physicians nuances. Each center has its own obligations to maintain care and costs. Where there are more patients, particularly non-cosmetic patients, there tends to need more care provided to sicker patients which may distract from the personalized care you are seeking. On the other hand, if you have other medical issues which require additional medical care to optimally get you through the cosmetic surgery procedure, a fully staffed hospital OR may provide more comfort to you. Hospitals also have the opportunity to recover and stay monitored overnight, although I find that private nursing provides even better more individualized care. ​ ​ Discuss your concerns with your physician. Each option has its pro’s and con’s. Yes, your physician is paramount in caring for you but the pre-op, intra-op and post-op preparations, safety and care and provided by many other staff members is just as important. ​ ​I wish you the best!
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