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How can I achieve a Botox brow lift?

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Q. How can I achieve a Botox brow lift? I went to a medspa recently because I have hooded eyelids and really wanted a brow lift. She basically injected all around my upper forehead and also right above the tail end of my brows. Will this give me my desired effect? Last time I didn’t have this Botox placement. I had my 11’s done and also my whole upper forehead and it actually made my brows sag, so this time she did it a new way.

A. ​Botox is an art and a science. Those injectors who understand the anatomy of the muscles and the dynamic roles they play in creating expression and wrinkles are those who will provide a better outcome for you.

​Lateral brow position is a ying / yang between the Frontalis muscle and the orbicularis muscle along the tail of the brow.

​The brow arch and medial brow elevation or descent, “11’s”, bunny lines, forehead furrows and other wrinkles and folds are a play in other muscles the injector must observe and be as precise as possible in their injection technique.

​I hope this is helpful. Choose your injector carefully.

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